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2011-2012 Ski Season is here!!!


Hello everyone and welcome back to Killington! We are pleased to have you join our home this year and hopefully every year thereafter! This site is meant to help you get acquainted with the house, amenities, rates, schedules, shares and other relevant information.

The house is located conveniently off the Killington Access Road. You will find the map & directions to our house within the links page.

We hope you enjoy your stay in our home. If you are in need of further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Welcome Kit

Looking to join? Our Welcome Kit explains everything there's to know about the house: Membership info, Photos, Amenities, Rules, Rates, Schedule, Directions & Contacts. Please print out a copy for your records.




Once upon a time, there were these Amigos who decided to join a winter house in Killington. Over the years, these friends invited their friends to join in the fun during the Vermont Ski-Season. Numerous years went by with fun memories such as: The Attack of the Germans, The Gimp and his Mistress, The Drunk and The Catholic Girls, and a crowd favorite, The "Where's Bernie" episode!


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Our house membership has grown larger and become much more diverse over the years. You'll still find the core bunch but we're now joined with personalities like: Chef de Cuisine Jen, Über Scientist/WebMaster Uli, Johnny35, Chatterbox, They Call Him Turco, New Years Eve Gail, Henry8:15, Lets Go Streaking Scott and the rest of the crowd. We also had the pleasure to meet this past year several interesting characters, such as: Alvin "Mustafa" Delgado, "Can I get a ride back" Manon & Tami, GI Joe Rob & Meghan, "Irish Spring" Regina and last but not least Timmy "the mouth" and his lost twin-brother Bernie "Champagna" Emery!



Below are a couple of exterior shots of the house and parking area. You will find more pictures within the photo gallery section of this site.


Click on thumbnails to enlarge picture.

House Entrance Parking